IMPACT Strategies works closely with all philanthropists and charities to help them make smarter decisions about their giving and programming

Individuals and families

IMPACT Strategies will bring its social sector expertise to help individuals and families understand what the needs are in their areas of focus and how they should allocate their giving to make the biggest difference.


IMPACT Strategies will help refine or complement your foundation’s intentions, provide strategic support regardless of where you are in your giving, and help cultivate a culture of giving across generations.


IMPACT Strategies works with businesses to launch or refine charitable giving programs to help address critical social needs. In addition to having value for the community, these programs are essential to retaining employees, building trust among the community, and ultimately realizing business benefits by doing good.


IMPACT Strategies will work with nonprofits in need of strategic and collaborative support so they can work more effectively and efficiently with their clients.


IMPACT Strategies can help you answer strategic questions about your giving and programs

Lack of purpose or intention

1. We want to give to nonprofits and have it to be meaningful, but we haven’t found the issues or places that we feel most passionately about. How can we identify my philanthropic values?

2. Our foundation’s giving is not very focused; we give to many organizations doing important work across several different areas. How can we have more intentionality in our giving?

Identifying areas of focus and nonprofits

3. What are the biggest needs in the community and how can we allocate our funds or other assets to make a difference?

4. We intend to give $X in grants this year, what are some worthy organizations (e.g., how do we choose the right nonprofits)?

5. We want to make sure our funds are going to the causes we support, while also helping to keep the nonprofits strong. What is the right balance between giving to specific programs versus supporting a nonprofit’s leadership and capabilities?


6. We like the nonprofits that we give to, but we feel like we could be doing more. How can we make our dollars go further?

7. How can we work with our nonprofit partners to understand the impact of our giving?

8. We want to know more about (any of the following): a philanthropic portfolio, impact investing, social entrepreneurship, being a good board member, a theory of change. Who can help us with this?

9. We want to meet the organizations we support and understand their work. Who can facilitate this?


10. How can we work with other donors to learn more and increase our impact?

11. We seem to be funding a lot of organizations in a particular area but much of their work seems redundant and uncoordinated. How can we address this?

Giving across generations

12. We want to provide a legacy, how can we best clarify our intentions and still provide for future flexibility?

13. What are some strategies for teaching our children/grandchildren about philanthropy?