Customized, flexible partnership with clients

IMPACT Strategies understands that every individual and organization is unique and views every project as a learning journey with clients. We will work shoulder to shoulder with our client partners to develop and implement high-impact strategies to achieve their missions. This includes making course corrections to project plans once the work is underway.

Combining social sector expertise with business rigor

Making a difference on intractable social problems requires a deep understanding of the social sector—both the issues and the organizations working to solve social problems—as well as a mindset that couples the nonprofit and business worlds. IMPACT Strategies brings this unique intersection of social sector knowledge and a business mindset to working with and developing strategies for clients.

Analytical, strategic approach to problem solving

IMPACT Strategies understands that to tackle social sector problems, people need to understand the core issues driving those issues, who is working in the space, what the gaps are, and how any new effort will contribute to making positive change. This analytical, strategic approach to problem solving will help clients realize their goals.

Cross-sector engagement and collaboration

IMPACT Strategies believes that the best answers come from pooling the collective wisdom of diverse actors. Towards this goal, we will engage stakeholders across sectors to truly understand the needs and efforts in a specific social sector.

Local presence and perspective

IMPACT Strategies is passionate about San Diego and Southern California in general. Even so, many of the region’s issues expand beyond our geographic boundaries and we are ready to work with clients on broader geographic strategies, when needed.

Networking to create the perfect team

IMPACT Strategies will partner with other experts and organizations to complement issue or approach area expertise in order to create the perfect team to meet your needs. Partner organizations include SmarterGive and Social Strategy Associates

About Amanda Goldberger

Amanda Goldberger is an expert in strategic, high-impact philanthropy and the founder of IMPACT Strategies. She has spent over a decade helping foundations, corporations, and nonprofits make smarter giving decisions in order to realize a better world. Recent clients include the biotech company Genentech Inc. and a nonprofit, Daisy CHAIN Mothering.

Amanda developed her knowledge of social impact and strategic philanthropy as a strategy consultant at FSG, a nonprofit mission-driven consulting firm, and at a nonprofit pharmaceutical company, Institute for OneWorld Health. While at FSG, she led projects with leading global foundations, regional foundations, community foundations, family foundations, corporations, and nonprofits. Her clients included: Rockefeller Foundation, Meyer Memorial Trust, Communities Foundation of Texas, Moxie Foundation, Eli Lilly, Becton Dickinson, New York Academy of Sciences, and Daisy CHAIN. These experiences have provided Amanda with a unique understanding of the social sector coupled with a strong business mindset. This has allowed her to effectively facilitate meetings with participants across sectors, including health, education, economic development, and entrepreneurship. She has led workshops and spoken at conferences about her work and learnings from these projects.

Amanda has a master’s in public policy from UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy, and a B.S. in molecular, cell, and developmental biology from UCLA. She lives in San Diego with her husband and two sons. In her free time, she enjoys exploring Southern California’s beautiful outdoors and attempting to instill the love of arts/culture in her boys.