Clarify your vision and intentions

Give with a clear understanding of your or your foundation’s values, intentions, and goals is the first step in advancing a philanthropic vision. This is helpful regardless of where you are in your giving – whether you are just beginning as an individual donor or you are looking to refine your foundation’s focus. IMPACT Strategies will meet individually with key decision makers to understand their values and intentions and then facilitate a group meeting where together you agree on a common vision and intention for giving.

Design a new or evolve an existing program strategy

We can help design or evolve a program that fits your vision and the current state of issues and efforts. IMPACT Strategies will assess needs, opportunities, and organizations in your areas of focus, identify target populations and specific communities, review proposals, and connect you with other like-minded donors. For existing programs, IMPACT Strategies will help you keep up with how your areas of focus are changing and advise you on potential modifications to your philanthropic strategy.

Define a framework to assess impact

You give, but do you know whether your giving is having an impact? Foundations and businesses are increasingly being asked about the value of giving beyond dollars out. IMPACT Strategies can work with you to define a framework and measurement plan to understand the impact of your giving. We meet you where you are – whether this is beginning to lay the groundwork for measurement or developing a comprehensive framework and plan.

Support nonprofits in developing strategic plans

Nonprofit organizations provide essential services to make the world a better place. However, they are often too under-resourced to consider their work in relation to the needs, opportunities, and efforts of other nonprofits in the field. IMPACT Strategies will help them clarify their vision and goals, design a program strategy, and make introductions to others working on the same issues.

Build a culture of giving across generations

You want your legacy to continue through the work of your children and grandchildren. But it’s often hard to find the right words or activities to build that culture of giving that you desire. IMPACT Strategies can help engage the next generation as well as design succession plans for your philanthropic legacy.